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Autumn Leaves is a Denver video production company that specializes in filming wedding videos, music videos and other awesomely staged performances. Our passion is for telling unique stories through personalized films that capture the creativity and lust for life that we know you have. Whether you’re rocking out on stage or walking down the aisle, we vow to create a film that exceeds your expectations without breaking your budget. You’ve already spent more then you planned on your event and I’m sure you still want to have a bank account when it’s all said and done!


Howdy! My name is Natalie Tucker and I am your lead videographer & editor here at Autumn Leaves. In 2003 I received my degree in filmmaking from the University of Utah after receiving a full scholarship my senior year. My biggest passion in video production is telling a story. It’s one thing to simply know how to press buttons to make something look pretty, but ‘pretty’ isn’t good enough. It’s truly an art form to be able to take those special moments and form an emotionally riveting film that will make your jaw drop. Whether your film is romantic, suspenseful or funny & entertaining, each and every frame of film is strategically placed where it is for a reason.  

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As an episode editor for several nationally syndicated television shows, I have a great deal of experience in the world of broadcast television. I have not only learned how to tell a captivating story, but how to work proficiently under stress. This also translates to the world of personal documentary style videos. As a Colorado videographer I have personally filmed and/or edited a multitude of weddings and events over the years, each one having its own set of challenges and surprises. Fact: No two couples are alike. My goal is to express the uniqueness of your own qualities and quirks through my unique style of cinematography and storytelling.

Our Style of Filming

You and your guest’s focus should not be on the production of the event, but on the event itself. We are here to capture the main show for you without being part of the show. PAY NO ATTENTION TO THAT MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN! (Get it? Come on, I’m from Kansas:) Our unobtrusive style of filming respects the solemnity and importance of your event without getting in the way. We make sure to give you and your guests plenty of breathing space between themselves and the lens. Some people are comfortable in front of a camera, others are not. We make sure to do our job while respecting people’s personal space.


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