Promotional video Services

Promotional Videos

Autumn Leaves Video Productions has worked with several local businesses to help promote their events and organizations. Some of our clients include Countries & Crossroads Travel, Intercessors of the Trinity, Silhouette Theatre Company and The Oriental Theatre’s Carnivale de Sensuale.

Intercessors of the Trinity is a healing & teaching ministry that helps people overcome spiritual, emotional and physical blocks that keep them from walking through life with peace, joy and hope. Join IOTT at The Barn in Evergreen, Colorado every Tuesday night at 7pm.

Looking to book an exciting journey oversees? Contact Countries & Crossroads Travel to organize your own once in a lifetime vacation.

Miss Exotic World 2013 ~ LouLou D’Vil

Join Denver Art Therapist Sarah K. Thompson on a journey of teaching, healing and empowerment through the rejuvenating benefits of art therapy. What is art therapy and might it work for me? Find out in the link above!

Enjoy your trip of a lifetime without having to deal with a videocamera. Bring Autumn Leaves Video Productions along and let us film and edit your vacation travel video.

Spring 2016 Carnivale de Sensuale

The Carnivale de Sensuale showcases Denver’s best Burlesque dancers, Aerialists, Freak Show Performances, Magicians and Psychics.  Add March 26, 2016 to your calendar as the next Carnivale date! Our spring show is built around the Pagan festivals of life, sex, and rebirth that predate our modern Easter celebrations.



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